Governments & Nonprofits Selected to Participate in National Pay for Success Initiative

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Developing Data-Driven Approaches to Difficult Social Problems
Addressing complicated social problems and improving lives through data and innovation

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The mission of The Sorenson Impact Center is to accelerate positive and sustainable social change through cross-sector collaboration, data and private capital.
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Pay for Success drives public and private capital toward social programs that achieve measurable outcomes for at-risk individuals, families, and communities without putting taxpayer dollars at risk.

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Other Government Action

  • Pending Legislation – Idaho; Los Angeles County, CA; New Jersey; Oklahoma; Oregon; Washington; Texas
  • Procurement Expected – Maine, Ohio; Pima County, Arizona, Washington, D.C.
  • Federal Interest – Treasury Department; Department of Labor; Department of Justice; Department of Health and Human Services; Social Innovation Fund
  • Request for Information (RFI) – Denver, Colorado; Michigan; Minnesota; South Carolina

(* = Demonstration Project)

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The Knowledge Portal aggregates and disseminates Pay for Success best practices, legislation, templates, agreements, project portfolios, requests for proposals, top-tier interventions and more. It also collects up to date news on all data-driven approaches that confront difficult social and public health challenges.

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